I Have a Dream Mural

Newtown Sydney 'I Have A Dream'This is the iconic and now heritage listed ‘I Have a Dream’ mural featuring Martin Luther King is in Newtown. Painted in 1991, it is one of Newtown’s oldest, and arguably most famous murals. It also shows the Aboriginal flag down the bottom of it.

It appears briefly in the Coldplay video ‘Sky Full of Stars’ which was shot on the streets of Newtown. The video does show the vibrant feel of Newtown. (it’s funny to see everyone on their smartphone trying to film / photograph the band during the clip)

Street Art around Newtown, Sydney

Here at Aussie Indie we love Street Art- anything that can brighten a wall, bring a smile to your face or make the world a brighter place has got to be good.

The Inner West of Sydney, Australia is a buzzing hive of artistic expression, and the blank walls of buildings are a canvas of street art and murals. There has been an explosion in the amount of street art that is around. It’s a great thing to see. Here are a few:Newtown Sydney  small (853x1280) Newtown Sydney (11) small Newtown Sydney (13) Newtown Sydney (14) small Newtown Sydney (16) small Newtown Sydney (29)small